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Добавил: max.korg.vin
Дата добавления: 16:36, 16 апреля 2018г.
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Описание и инструкции:

Saves and loads table state (i.e.: what memory records are enabled).
Uses named states (i.e.: 'default', 'testState', or 'SuperCheated'), if no name is given then 'default' is used.

Save Table State : Default
Load Table State : Default


Teleport To: Way Point
Teleport To: Last Map Icon Selected
Teleport To: Called Supply Drop Point
Teleport To: Called Vehicle Supply Drop Point
Teleport To: Player Vehicle (Last Driven Vehicle)
Teleport: Back
All named locations have "Teleport To" save scripts in "Saves" section.
Save Location (saves location to local file)

Generate Memory Records (helper script for generating "teleport to save" scripts from saves)
Zero Camera Rotation Angle
Write Saves To File
Print Saves
Rename Save
Read From File
Delete Save

Time manipulation

Sync with Real Time
Time Display (Standard & Military)
Time Scale
Time Setters

Weather manipulation (I only updated this)
No Clip
Infinite Health
Infinite Consciousness
Super Speed (delta write multipliers)
Infinite Ammo
No Reload
Infinite Suppressors
Infinite Battery
Infinite GMP
Infinite Resources
Invisibility (I only updated this)
Insta Action Hold
Baby Chick Hat Hook (I only updated this)
Demon Stat Multiplier
Heroism Stat Multiplier
Instant Developments
Instant Deployments
Instant Mother Base Development (I only updated this)
Staff Hook (I only updated this)Only works with one view type, change "View" in "Staff Management" if addresses don't populate.

Staff Creator (Be the Smoking Whale)
Staff Copier (Copies the current selected staff member)
Staff Writer (Saves/Reads all staff members (arrays) to/from file)
Staff Stats Setter Sets values to hardcoded or custom values, but all values for the selected staff member are set.

Staff Divisions Hook (I only updated this)
Stop Mission Timer
Stop Ops Timer (I only updated this)
Stop Drug Duration Timer (I only updated this)
Weapon Fire Selector (Single shot, Burst fire, and Full auto)
Weapon Accuracy Hook
Weapon Fire Rate Hook (I only updated this)
Iron Sights Hook
Zoom Set Hook
No Turret Heat
Combatant - Insta Stuns/Kills (I only updated this)
Combatant - One Hit Kills (I only updated this)
Combatant - one Hit/Punch Stuns/Kills
No Combatants Wake Up
Skulls - Insta Stuns/Kills
Skulls - One Hit Kills
Skulls - One Hit Stuns
Insta End Alerts
Stun All Large Animals (I only updated this)
No Large Animals Wake Up
Large Animal - one Hit Stuns
Vehicle Health Dec. Hook
Vehicle Acceleration Multiplier
Vehicle Speed Multiplier
Tank Infinite Ammo
Tank Fire Rate Hook
Tank Faster Aiming
Tank MG No Over Heat
Unlocker (Unlocks all developments, emblems, and cassette tapes. Developments will still require staff division level and special staff members to meet requirements.)
Emblem Unlocker (I only updated this)
Text Emblem Unlocker (I only updated this)
Rewards Hook (I only updated this)
Buddy Bond Hook (I only updated this)

General Helper Scripts:

Fill Health
Fill Consciousness
Renew Suppressors
Fill Main Weapons Ammo
Fill Battery
+25,000 GMP
+500,000 GMP
+25,000,000 GMP
+50,000 Processed Materials
+100,000 Processed Materials
+500,000 Processed Materials
+5,000 Plant Materials
+50,000 Plant Materials
+10 Placed Weapons
+100 Placed Weapons
+500 Placed Weapons
+10 Vehicles
+100 Vehicles
+500 Vehicles
+5 Walker Gears
+20 Walker Gears
+100 Walker Gears
+5 Parasites
+50 Parasites

Other Features:

Auto Attach to process
Simple Logger (with levels)
Debug Section:


Print Game Module Info
Print Game Module Version
Enable Compact Mode
Disable Compact Mode
Set Logger Level : WARN (Default)
Set Logger Level : INFO
Set Logger Level : DEBUG
Set Logger Level : TRACE

All hooks have their own section, check scripts for real hook names.

Процесс запуска:

1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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