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Last version compatible: 1.0.17358

- Infinite Health
You won't die no matter what. Big explosions? Thousands of shots? Being run over by a car or a train?! You're fine.

- Infinite Stamina
Run all you want, you'll never be tired.

- Infinite Inventory Weight Limit
Carry infinite amounts of items. One rock or two thousand rocks. Your choice.

- Infinite Ammo
Your weapons will never run out of ammo, shoot and wreak havoc around you.

- Infinite Money (Open Upgrade Menu)
You'll have infinite money. Just open the upgrade menu and you'll automatically get 9M.

- Infinite Upgrade Points (Open Upgrade Menu)
You'll have infinite upgrade points. Just open the upgrade menu and you'll automatically get 999.

- Everything is Opened
Every door, window or any lockable thing will be opened. Tired of breaking windows? Just use the front door, it will be always opened.

- Don't Alert Police When Burglaring
Robbing houses has never been as easy as this. Nothing will make police notice you, so you can free to break any window that you want.

- Insta House Burglaring
You'll search and move from room to room instantly.

- Lock/Window Breaking Items Won't Break
Break locks and windows without worrying about the item durability. It will never break.

- Freeze Race Timer
The timer for every race will be frozen, so you can easily get gold all the time.

- Infinite Vehicle Health (While Inside)
Any vehicle you're in will have infinite health. Remember that once you get in, it will be indestructible even If you get out.

- Vehicles Don't Overheat
Nitro won't overheat vehicles anymore. Enjoy using nitro forever.

- Edit Player
Edit player settings like current and max health and stamina, money and upgrade points.

- Edit Current Weapon
Shoot to get all the info If you have nothing.
Get all the info of your current weapon (Not melee) and change it to whatever you want. Make it automatic, change its damage, shoot frequency, recoil, projectiles per shot, accuracy... Just make all of them pay.

- Edit Word
Currently, you can only change 2 things. Speed up in-game time or freeze it.

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