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Find Game Object By Name - Finds any GameObject with the specific name - For Example the Players Object Name would be "SimplePlayer"

Get Component of Object by Name - Finds the Component of any GameObject - For Example "Rigidbody" finds the Rigidbody of the passed Object

Object Name On Death - Gets the Objects Name when the Object falls into the Slime Sea

Inf Energy

Inf Health

Don't lose Items on Death

Everything is Invulnerable - Everything won't die, even if it falls into the Slime sea including the player

Player is Invulnerable - The Player won't die, even when falling into the slime sea

No Radiactivity

Player Stuff
-Current Energy
-Current Health
-Current Radiation
-Has Jetpack
-Max Health
-Max Energy
-Max Rads
-Currency ever collected
-Stop Time? - Stops Time
-World Time - Total Time Spent in the World (Setting it to 0 sets the time to day 1 and 00:00)

Container Base - Hover over the Container you want to edit
-Item Count
-Item ID - Item Id List
-Item ID by other stuff
--Item ID by Name
--Item ID by Alphabet
--Item ID Slimes
--Item ID Plorts
--Item ID by Food
--Item ID by Resource

Every Container
-Slot 1
-Slot 2
-Slot 3
-Slot 4
-Slot 5
--Water Is Magic Until

No Decreasing Ammo

No Increasing Ammo

Make Water Magical


Teleport Activation
-Teleport Flag - Save=Numpad1 - Load=Numpad2
-Select Location - You can select from some preselected locations - New will be added soon
-Saved Coords
--Saved X-Pos
--Saved Y-Pos
--Saved Z-Pos
-Set Region for Position - You have to have this enabled if you want to teleport between the main island, Mochi's Manor and the Glass Desert!

Find Market Base (Shoot in the Plort you wan't to edit)
-Base Value
-Current Value
-Previous Value - The Value it was worth last day
-Full Saturation

Tarrs Activate Me First - Before Activating a Tarr has to spawn
-Kill all Tarrs Instantly
-Tarrs have Godmode against Water

Camera/Controller Stuff
--Shake Amplitude
-Firstperson Controller
--Is Grounded?
--Physics Gravity Modifier
--Motor Acceleration
--Motor Backwards Speed

Gordo Explode on one Food -Activate it and Shoot a Gordo with something it likes an it Explodes instantly

Inf AirNet - The AirNet has infinite durability - Before activating the AirNet has to get damaged!

Market Set - After the Script is activated set whatever you want all the plorts sell for at the New Plort Value and sleep. If you wan't them to go back to normal deactivate the script and sleep again.
-New Plort Value

Set Slime Hunger
-Hunger Value to set

Inf Drone Battery

No Fabricator requirement

All Blueprints available - Make every Blueprint available until you deactivate the script

Reveal whole Map - Reveals the whole Map doesn't unlock it means if you deactivate the script you can only see the parts of the map you unlocked

Reveal every Gordo/Home Teleporter on the Map - Same as the one before it just reveals Gordos and Home Teleporters

Can Unlock Treasure Pod - You can unlock Treasure Pods even if you don't have the upgrades

Has Upgrade - You have all the Upgrades until you deactivate the script

FreeFly Speed F/B Multiplicator Speed Multiplicator for Forward and Backward Speed
FreeFly Speed L/R Multiplicator Speed Multiplicator for Left and Right Speed
Reset Fly Speed

Noclip - Disables Collision for the Player!
-Noclip Flag - To toggle press "n"

Motor Modifier
-Super Speed
-Super Jump
-Super Speed Value
-Super Jump Value

Inf Jetpack Flight Height

Vac Shoot Speed
-Vac Shoot Speed

Fast Forward Activate Me First
-Fastforward Multiplier

Infinite Exchange Time

Ambience Director

Disable Fog

Change Y Activate Me First
-Change Y
-Increase Y by
-Decrease Y by

Instant Daily Offer


Disable UI - To also disable Hud go into the menu activate the script and then press the screenshot button

Make Time Run Backwards

Change Time
-Time In Days
+Time in Hours
+Time in Minutes
+Time in Seconds
-Change Time

Lucky Slimes don't flee

Disable Objects updating - Has some interesting results...

Ultimate Vac Shoot Speed

Ultimate Vac Distance

Vac Change ID - Change the Id of anything you suck up
ID to Change to

Disable Slime Sea from updating

Disable Gravity for things you suck up

Gif Recorder Static Fields
-Gif_Length in Seconds
-Gif_Miliseconds per Second

Change Region upon Teleportation - Change the region to the Selected Region upon Teleportation
-Region to change to

Spring Pad Static Fields
-UP_ACCEL - This is the Up velocity for objects
-UP_PLAYER_FORCE -This is the Up Velocity for the Player

Change Region Activate Me First - Change the Region when ever you want (Hotkey=R)
-Change Region Flag(Hotkey:R)
-Region to change to

Change Hydro Turret ID when Placed
-ID to Change to - This is the Id that the Hydro Turret will shoot out Change it before you place the turret

Hydro Turrets shoot at ID
-ID to shoot at -This is the Id that Hydro Turrets will shoot at you can change this whenever you want

Hydro Turrets shot at everything - Self explanatory

Stop Time

Gold Slimes don't flee

Change Gadget ID when Placed
-ID to Change to - Gadget ID List

Change Id of Gordos in GordoSnare
-ID to change to

Disable spawning Gordo clearing Bait

GordoEat Base - Feed the Gordo you want to edit

Gordo Eat Counter Enable Me First
-Gordo Never Explodes
-Gordo Instantly Explodes

Disable World from Updating

Disable World Geometry from Updating

Only Load Cells Player is in

When to Unload a Cell
-Value when to Unload

Play Music - IMPORTANT! Some music CAN crash your game if you're not in the right region!
-Play Music Now
-What Music to Play
-Music Priority

Slime Hoop Add Score
Add Score every Frame?

Player Calls
--Apply Upgrade
--Upgrade to apply
--Bool isFirstTime
--Set Ammo Mode
--Ammo Mode to set to
-Unlock Map for Zone
--Unlock Map for Zone
--Zone to unlock for
-Lock/Unlock All Maps
-Lock All Maps
-Unlock All Maps
-Add/Sub Key
--Add Key
--Sub Key
-Add Currency
--Add Currency
--Coins Type

Slime Sea Position
-Position to Change to
--Sea X
--Sea Y
--Sea Z
-Current Position
--Current Slime Sea X
--Current Slime Sea Y
--Current Slime Sea Z
-Save Position of Slime Sea
-Restore Saved Position

Move Rigidbody - Calls the Unity move Rigidbody function. So DO NOT set the Rigidbody to one that doesn't exist!
-Move Rigidbody
-Pointer to Rigidbody
-X-Pos to move to
-Y-Pos to move to
-Z-Pos to move to

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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